Sunday 11 November 2007

Bristol House & Electro producers have started to make real power moves round the UK and beyond of recent times and one to definitely watch for 2008 is going to be PLIMSOULS. Condensing the sounds of house, electro, italo, 8-bit, rave and just pure synthesizer bliss into one big aural lazerbeam, Plimsouls unique style has been attracting attention from the major alternative blogs including the ever-popular Palms Out Sounds. Spanish blog Buffet Libre describe him as "The soundtrack to the best rave of your life" but this type of acclaim isn't fazing the 19 year old, who is continually improving on his sound and winning new fans daily, BUG included. We caught up with him recently for a quick chat.

Why Plimsouls?

"I wish I had a genuinely good reason for the name, but I don't think I do. I did used to go through a phase of wearing those ultra hip Shoreditchy plimsolls though, so I guess I thought I was being clever changing the 'solls' to 'souls'. Someone told me the other day that there was a garage rock band called the Plimsouls in the sixties, so I feel less original now!"

How do you describe your style?

"On the housier side of electro, with a few 8 bit bleeps added in their for good measure. Without wanting to create the next 'Nu Rave', blog house seems like a good way to describe it."

So many new producers are coming through at the moment, so what do you offer that's different?

"I think my flat out refusal to succumb to the Ed Banger sound puts me in front of a lot of other producers, especially on the blog scene; I think quite a few people will be left behind when that sound falls from fashion, which will be sooner than everyone thinks. Other than that, I just try to innovate, and I'm not scared of sounding different to whatever is popular at the moment."

How do you feel about becoming increasingly popular on the blog underground? Is it a help or a hindrance?

"It's a help, definitely. I think blog culture provides a legitimate opportunity for young artists who may struggle to get people to hear their music without a label of publicity company behind them. The only downside I can see is if all DJs play the same tracks they picked up on the blogs the night before. Its not particularly good if everyone is playing the same songs. Unless their mine, in which case go ahead!"

How do you see yourself progressing musically for 2008?

"I'll just be making tunes, I think everything I do is an improvement on the last, so I guess I'll just keep exploring my sound and make a few bangers."

What's next for Plimsouls?

"More dates in the new year hopefully, maybe incorporating some live stuff in their too. I'll keep tearing up the blog scene, and after that, who knows?"

Give us a Top 5...of anything!

"Random Top 5 - Pop Songs Post 2000

1) Britney Spears - Toxic
2) Girls Aloud - Love Machine
3) Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River
4) Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For?
5) Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone"