Saturday 17 May 2008

There's been a wealth of amazing material coming through recently from various corners of Bristol so here's a lickle BUG round up of some of the best albums and mixtapes coming through at the moment.

CANOLA TENDERFOOT - "Winning Is For Losers"

No stranger to these pages, and this has been out since late last year, but it deserves another mention as it's such a beautiful album - everything about it is perfect, the atmosphere, the vocals, the production - don't sleep on this gem!

Buy via Malicious Damage Records

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KOAST - "The Koast Is Clear"

This one has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait...Bristol's Hip Hop heritage is strong and is enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment; one of the main MCs pushing things forward is KOAST. Simply put this is one of the best Hip Hop releases for a while, forget about local pride or bias...every single track on here in terms of beats and lyrics is pitch perfect - an incredible effort from an artist who has been paying his dues for a long time, surely his time is now.

Download via Chemical Records

B'TOL & JAGOS - "Something's What We've Done"

Another artist with a long pedigree in the game has also come good with their long-awaited release, B'Tol & Jagos again prove why Bristol has such a strong reputation in Hip Hop circles. A genuinely engaging album (which is getting rarer in this genre of music), the production is on point and both the subject matter and delivery is constantly impressive. A high benchmark set for others to follow!

Download via Chemical Records

AWKWARD - "Atomic Lock"

Absolutely without doubt one of the true figureheads of Bristol Hip Hop, Awkward has been deep in the business for many an year and is still standing tall, still hitting hard with jaw-dropping music. Here he drops latest offering "Atomic Lock" - a totally free download LP which is amazing quality from start to finish. You have zero excuse not to get on this - so click the link and get those beats!

Download it for free!

PHAELEH - "Inside E.P."

Another BUG favourite releases his debut effort and it's fundamentally some of the best dubstep you'll hear all year. A producer with a really unique sound, Phaeleh is going to be huge, it's just a matter of time. Bristol is so far ahead of the game in dubstep production it's not even in this century anymore.

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Also keep an eye out for the release of the "Emancipation EP" from Grime's best young MC, BUGGSY. We'll let you know when that's dropping....should be soon!