Sunday 8 June 2008

Sometimes you just get that feeling you're there at the start of something big, and that's exactly how BUG feels about the launch of local label SOUL MOTIVE. Knowing the brains behind it, including Bristol legends Kymatik, Forsaken and Adam Bodynod, and knowing their eclectic tastes, means this imprint could grow into something very special indeed. They're pitching it with "Think Planet Mu meets Mo Wax" and that's good enough for us! Each release comes with full artwork (as above) and a free MP3 download too so it really is going to be a worthwhile purchase.

First release is a double A-side with the soon to be huge everywhere grime genius Joker who's productions are so far ahead of the game it's not funny. His contribution here "Snake Eater" is a true re-imagining of the genre, and nothing else comes close to his style - he genuinely is the next level. On the flip TRG provides "Move Dis" which is a classic roller bridging the gap between UKG and Dubstep, and is the BUG personal favourite, although we suspect judging by the amount of pre-release hype over the first track that it won't get as much coverage.

Official release should be soon but if you can't wait then get in contact with Rooted Records who have some upfront promos ready to ship. DO NOT SLEEP!


Anonymous said...

Rah thats a nice lil write up man... I need to step up my game lol. Need to learn some more words