Sunday 10 August 2008

Following on from the sucess of their debut release, Soul Motive have devoted their next issue to one of the fastest-rising producers Forsaken. An artist who represents the forward-thinking attitude of the label, his music isnt confined to any one genre as he is a rare example of a producer who puts his own indelible stamp on his songs. This is represented well by the tracks picked for this release "Last Saloon Swagger" and "Into The Sunset", both with a cinematic, widescreen feel to them that powers up your imagination. Another quality release for a local label this is fast becoming a "buy on sight" imprint. Selected promos are in Rooted and Chemical Records right now, with an official release pegged for this coming Monday, 11/08/08.


Robin Howells said...

Hi, not about this post I'm afraid. I just wanted to email you guys but can't find an address... so a comment seemed the only option.

If you can hit me back on robin dot howells at gmail dot come that would be wicked.

It's just about a night going on in Bristol. Cheers