Thursday 29 January 2009

If you've ever been to a club night in Bristol, chances are you've heard a DJ set from Ewan Hoozami - his tireless work rate in terms of playing out and promoting has seen him become hugely popular over the last few years. The man behind Hot Soup, Mad Method and part of Funk From The Trunk has been a key figure in the Bristol music community for some time now, but what you may not know is he's also been gathering some serious hype about his production work too.

The track that raised his profile last year was Drinking Song, a raw blast of funk which saw airtime on BBC Radio 6 amongst other outlets. However, his unique distillation of sounds and styles is present in tracks like the lurching swing of Brouhaha or the bubbling insanity of Southpaw both of which bear reference to the best of the Ninja Tune back catalogue but aren't an emulation; the creativity and energy that shines through in his work precludes it being dismissed as some cheap facsimile.

Very kindly, he has agreed to donate to us two of his tracks for free download. Deja Vu opens with a plucked string introduction and a buzzing bassline before skittering beatwork brings cohesion to the track, building in intensity before a classic organ stab brings renewed vigour to the proceedings. Tijuanasaurus Rex meanwhile opts for a intricate beat pattern worked through with clipped samples that recalls the work of Anti-Pop Consortium in its leftfield approach to Hip Hop. Ewan Hoozami is clearly an artist with a strong vision; his sound is growing exponentially with each track and BUG is looking forward to what the man will create next.

Ewan Hoozami - Deja Vu

Ewan Hoozami - Tijuanasaurus Rex