Tuesday 6 January 2009

Bristol has a wealth of up and coming talent that just doesn't get the praise it deserves; something at BUG we hope to alter this year with our weekly spotlights on some of the best new artists to emerge from the city. First up is the producer known as PLODOCUS, a refugee from the barren wastelands of Wiltshire. Plodocus has a background in fine art that has informed his burgeoning musical talents; he has an ear for detail and melody that gives his work a real emotional depth missing in a lot of new producers output.

Although affiliated to the dubstep community his main influence originally stemmed from ambient, operating under the Carved Lake moniker. His experience in producing experimental music for soundtracks and his growing love for Dubstep make for some intriguing mutations between the two in his new work. Shades of artists like Bola, Boards Of Canada and This Mortal Coil infuse tracks like Glimmer, evocative of wintry isolation in some abandoned mental asylum. Eshto seems reminiscent of samurais battling in slow motion on the top of a mountain Dojo, whilst Budstep is the soundtrack of the rise of cellar dwelling mutants against their human overlords.

Fusing the spirit of soundscapes against the structure of Dubstep is already creating a ethereal alchemy for Plodocus which makes him stand out from the usual identikit manufacture that is becoming increasingly prevalent within the genre. The beauty of a producer like Plodocus is you really don't know what he might create next; and its that beguiling ambiguity that will take his music further.
Plodocus has very kindly donated both Glimmer and Eshto for free download, both are 320 quality so get involved. He's also offered up a real treat with his Solstice mix, an incredible blend of moods and textures perfect for these cold nights in the bleak midwinter.

Plodocus - Glimmer

Plodocus - Eshto

Plodocus - Solstice Mix


shammi pithia - compassion
psilonaut - third form the sun
dr octagon - blue flowers revisited
massive attack - black milk
leftfield - melt
future sound of london - yage
boards of canada - rue the whirl
7l & esoteric - speaking real words (acapella)
phaeleh - chimatu (gyu remix)
plodocus - cardboard man (instrumental)
bonobo - ketto
damian marley ft. nas - road to zion
ty - dreams
aim - northwest
dilated peoples - the shape of things to come
dj vadim ft. taskforce & mr thing - something to feel?
cypress hill - illusions
plodocus - quench the gloom
moby - whispering wind
phaeleh - 104 (plodocus exclusive mix)