Wednesday 21 January 2009

BUG is running a little late this week for the weekly pick, thanks in part to a bulging inbox of new content coming soon, so keep 'em peeled for more interviews and features in the coming weeks. In the meantime let's see what's been rattling our brains this week.

First up an unashamed plug for our Facebook group where you can show your support and post ideas for what you'd like us to feature and so on:

BUG Facebook Group

Secondly make sure you tune into Future Music Radio Thursday night at 8pm to check out Placid dropping some acidic 808 business for your body and soul.

Here at BUG we like our local history, and after bringing you the outstanding photography of Fray Bentos last year, here's something we found absolutely fascinating this week - very rare film of Bristol in the 1920s. Its incredible to watch - a very different world in more ways than one.

Back to the future and if you're looking for fun times this weekend you should head down to Cosies for BUG's clubnight of 2008 Ruffnek Diskotek, who will be showcasing one of our favourite artists of 2008, Forsaken. £2 all night, you cant fail.

The night before Native plays host to the first HENCH event there after there departure from former home the Tube, and it's looking HOT! BUG is looking forward to some serious bass therapy!!