Monday 5 January 2009

OK so the New Year is well and truly underway and your NYE hangovers and comedowns should hopefully be settling nicely on a sea of remorse and shame. As you rue your dubious actions over the festive season, why not take some time to have a gander at BUG's Pick Of The Week?

Get your lookin' balls wrapped around these lovely designs, all courtesy of HIGHRISE CLOTHING the local garms merchant run by your friendly local records merchant Chris of ROOTED RECORDS fame. Not only does the website have lots of tasty Tees to purchase, it also has a fairly indispensable blog attached to it which has loads of exclusive content including mixes from some of the Bristol dubstep cognoscenti (some of which BUG shamelessly purloined for over here too). Thank you Highrise!

Any local graf heads out there will have already clocked this mighty tome's release, a celebration of Bristol graffiti from the last 25 years. CHILDREN OF THE CAN contains some eye-popping street candy as well as a fascinating journey through the changing attitudes and fortunes of what is still a much misunderstood art form. Head over to HERE to grab yourself a copy.

Whilst we're on that tip, you could do a lot worse than to head over to Awkward's new blog Mega Mega Mega which contains some intriguing global wreckage and B-Boy antics as you would expect from one of Bristol's leading hip hop soldiers. Top stuff.

If you're still up for some club action despite the winter chill, credit crunch and general post-Xmas malaise, then BUG's recommendation for this weekend start with the formidable Season Five offering you a veritable sonic smorgasbord of up and coming Bristol dubstep talent, many of who have been featured on this here blog. Phaeleh and Hyetal you know will destroy this; but the remainder of the bill are hardly slouches when it comes to rocking a bassbin or two.



10pm - Late. Saturday 10th January, The Tube, Bristol

Cool and Deadly // Urban Scrumping - Live
Sureskank // O.M.G.
Formant Recordings // Seasonfive
Snugfelix and Furesshu
FREE B4 12AM // £2 AFTER

As for Friday get yourself up to Dojos for an all-night techno session for cheap as chips entry. Triptic was one of the stand-out nights in 2008 and the residents played an important part in shaping their direction, all of whom are quality DJs. Well worth a fiver we think.


11-7am@DOJOs, Park Row, Bristol



Dan Reilly

Sam Wilson

Mike Swift

£5/£4 NUS

If the weekend really can't come soon enough for you, then hit the bricks on Thursday for PENGUIN DANCE'S deranged offspring Naughty Little Brother. They've got the DMC champ JFB down for some scratchtastic action as well as dubstep DJ TIME and the Penguin massive, all for £3! Bargain!

08.01.09@ The Tube, Unity St. 10pm-late.
JFB (07 DMC champion/Battlejam)
TIME (Scratch badman)
DIY (Not a plummer)
SPREE AND RAM (Booze and biscuits)
£3 b4 11/ more after. Free biscuits