Tuesday 10 February 2009

BUG knew it was a good idea to put our Soundcloud dropbox on here, as we got this gem of a mix sent in last week. The latest installment in Fajita Funk mixes by Elsprucho is a unhinged non-stop party mash-up, and a total tonic for these miserable cold nights we're enduring right now. So get on the download, pour yourself some tequila, and kick back dreaming of sunnier times with this as the soundtrack!


Delicious Allstars 'Paperboy' (Skyline)
The Leisure Allstars 'A Lot To Say (Mr Benn's Ham Bone Skank)' (Leisure Recordings)
S.M.O.V. 'Ray's Road' (WACK)
Ann Alford 'Gotta Get Me A Job' (BGP)
Rufus Thomas '6-3-8' (Stax)
Robert Parker 'Hip-Huggin' (Soul Jazz)
DJ Format 'Stealin James Pt 1' (White)
Para 'It's The Hornet' (Breakin Bread)
Lunatic 'Poppa Large vs Riff Raff' (Nova-Gain)
Krash Slaughta 'The Posse Is Large' (WACK)
Unknown 'Tuxedo Rappin' (Slipped)
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition 'Salsa Verde' (Names You Can Trust)
Sono Rhizmo 'Mambocitio Mio' (Resense)
Kokolo 'Soul Power' (Record Kicks)
DJ Format 'Stealin James Pt 2' (White)
Beathoven 'Funky Devastate Pt 2 (DJ Format Mix) (Puma Strut)
Badboe 'Nothing But The Funk' (Audio Dynamics)
The Bamboos feat Ty 'Can't Help Myself' (Tru Thoughts)
Ruckus Roboticus 'Lesson 7: What's Funk?' (Grease)
Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast 'Blue Grassed Devil' (Funk Weapons)
Da Weisel 'Shotgun' (Sunsetsoul)
Phase 5 Stereo 'Mambo Schmambo' (Jack To Phono
Unknown 'Gimme Some 5' (White)

DOWNLOAD - Elsprucho : Fajita Funk 6

We only mentioned Bos Bos literally a week or so ago and he's already back with another quality mix. As the man himself puts it:

"Seedy beats and some mighty rude bass are the order of the day for Last Man Standing. This set comes right out of the sub-basement level of the club, where only the brave dare enter (and foolhardy accidentally walk into)."


  1. The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)
  2. Aaron Spectre - Look Out Fi Liar
  3. King Cannibal - Aragami Style
  4. Ebola - Portland 2CB
  5. Milanese - Braggin’
  6. Something J - Mercedes Bentley Vs. Versace Armani
  7. HATE - Injustice
  8. Mathhead - Bullets Of Your Sound (Remix)
  9. Bong-Ra - The Rush (Long Time Coming) (Drop The Lime Remix)
  10. Darqwan - Universal Wan-Ting
  11. Rustie - Jagz The Smack
  12. The Tuss - Last Rushup 10
  13. Amit - Too Many Freedoms
  14. Venetian Snares - Dance Like You’re Selling Nails
DOWNLOAD - Bos Bos : Last Man Standing