Friday 3 April 2009

Another hectic week at B365 HQ has meant a delayed update, but keep it locked to this here blog over the weekend for some extra juicy content by way of a thank you for bearing with us! Loads to talk about this week so without further ado let's get down to business!

A few years back two intrepid film-makers Mike and Mark set out to document the burgeoning Bristol Dubstep scene. The result was Living Inside The Speaker, a potent snapshot of a community that has gone on to become one of the most pivotal in the Dubstep world today. Here was the blurb from back in the day:

"Living Inside the Speaker (The Bristol Dubstep Scene)

Dubstep is the newest musical genre to come out of the UK and is quietly gaining popularity all other the UK with its heavy, heavy bass lines and spaced out sound. The scene is particularly strong in London, but Bristol is often classed as Dubstep’s second city. This film goes into the underbelly of the Dubstep scene in Bristol and uncovers through interviews with DJ’s, promoters and punters a vibrant and growing scene. The film explains the Dubstep sound and how the Bristol scene started, highlights how producers make Dubstep tunes and plays live Dubstep sets and describes why the sound system is so important to the genre. If you are into underground music and subcultures then you cannot afford to miss this film.

The film features DJ Pinch, Peverelist, Bubonic, Atik2, Hench Crew, Kymatik, Kidkut, Blazey, Stealth, Dub Boy, Wedge, White Boi, Gutterbreaks, Elemental, Search & Destroy, Skream, Chef and the Bristol Dubstep Massive.

Amazingly, the duo behind the film have now decided to offer the film out for free. It's a really generous offer and one you should pick up on right now. A great document of the time and it still stands up today as a good watch.

DOWNLOAD - Living Inside The Speaker Film
WATCH ONLINE - Living Inside The Speaker Film

A short time ago we featured Thumbs Aloft, who very kindly offered up a free download of an edit they'd worked on. Well they've very kindly passed around some more cheeky cut-ups of classic tunes for our listening pleasure - so get stuck in!

DOWNLOAD - Thumbs Aloft: Hey Hey! Can U Re-Edit?
DOWNLOAD - Thumbs Aloft: Rip It Up [Sell By Dave's Final Version Excursion AKA SBD's 4th Dimension]
DOWNLOAD - Thumbs Aloft : Stick Around [2009 Re-Cut]
DOWNLOAD - Thumbs Aloft: Breakdance Party [Sell By Dave's Breakdance Dub]
DOWNLOAD - Thumbs Aloft: Get Busy [Thumbs Aloft's Short Cut]

Another week, another rip-roaring Bos Bos mix - this time its the turn of techno to be tweaked, as the man himself says:

"Techno was, is and will forever be associated with the future. From the space-age pieces of music-making kit involved that are synonymous with the genre, to the forward-thinking sounds found in all manner of hard to find albums and expensive import 12 inches, techno is always one step ahead of the rest of the pack. Conversely, the idea for this mix has been idling around in the past for some time. Bringing to the fore some classic tracks from many moons ago, Technode is a minor tribute to a major associate - namely one Dave Winter. A true futurist, his lust for anything techno (and beyond) was effortlessly inspiring; always first with the knowledge on a new label or must-listen EP, generously handing over tapes of strange and exciting music, a huge debt is owed to his guiding light in the darker reaches of the electronic end of the music spectrum… which is where you’re headed with Technode."


1. Link - Antacid
2. Jedi Knights - One For M.A.W.
3. Luke Slater’s 7th Plain - Seeing Sense
4. Kosmic Messenger - I Find Myself
5. Suburban Knight - The Art Of Stalking (Stalker Mix)
6. Motorbass - Wan Dence
7. Derrick May - Icon (Montage Mix)
8. Link - Amazon Amenity (Chameleon Remix)
9. A Reminiscent Drive - Relief


Some stonking parties this weekend, tonight Influx lay it down with a heavy techno line-up including the long-awaited south west return for Surgeon. Tomorrow it's all about the mighty Monster Bass 2 courtesy of Ruffnek Diskotek and Fire! - don't sleep people!