Monday 13 July 2009

Jackov & Frilla
'Eyes To The Floor EP'
(Self-Released 2009)

One-time Bagman and DJ extraordinaire Jackov has been steadily improving his production skills of late, most noticeably in his first publicly-released effort The Plan a few months ago. Now he's back with a whole EP of off-kilter goodness, this time joining forces with Statix frontman and MC Frilla to provide four tracks of wonky action.

Opener Hefty has all the hallmarks of a twisted dubstep behemoth but it seems crafted from a different fabric to the usual generic wobblers - there's elements of breakcore and techno floating around in the mix - and the result is strangely hypnotic, the sound of a distressed geriatric Dalek that's fallen over in the shower.

Frilla's first offering Redeye again flips the dubstep template into a highly-compressed video game nasty, full of sinister rolling bassweight and clipped percussion that gives the whole track an imminent sense of suspense and drama.

Jackov's second attempt Lench offers a more restrained response to the first two tracks, with a half-step bubbler that combines minimal, spacious drumwork with an undulating bassline straight out of a low-budget slasher movie.

Final Frilla contribution Who Are You brings the grime scattershot percussion to a breathless vocal sample that owes more to the old school of garage then it does the new wave and is the best track on offer here. It would be disingenuous to say this brace of tracks are perfect - as with much of the up and coming ranks of producers who are still in the embryonic stages of making music, the ideas are all present and correct, but perhaps lack the confidence of experience to push them to that next level. That said, this EP shows a lot of promise in these two young artists, and we're looking forward to what happens next.

Jackov - Hefty

Frilla - Redeye

Jackov - Lench

Frilla - Who Are You

Download the full EP