Monday 20 July 2009

'Chordata (Live)'
(Self-Released 2009)

Here's a treat for any fans of chilled-out electronica or dubstep. We featured up and coming producer Plodocus on the blog some time ago, and recently he played at Drawn Recordings' Laptop Liberation night - which he was then kind enough to record and upload for your enjoyment. This is a mini-mix of his productions so far, with some incredibly promising content to sink your teeth into. Plodocus has a keen ear for light and shade in his music, and the sense of atmosphere he builds on tracks like opener Chaos Patterns shows an artist really taking huge strides in terms of gaining confidence as a producer. As a bonus, alongside the live recording there's a full studio recording of Eshto for you to download to. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

01 - Chaos Patterns
02 - Hyperskank
03 - Take Me
04 - Plodocustard
05 - Voolamay V1
06 - Voolamay V2
07 - Cut Them All Down
08 - Assembly Line
09 - Eshto
10 - Chordata

Plodocus - Chordata (Live)

Download : Plodocus - Chordata (Live)

Plodocus - Eshto