Friday 21 December 2007

Bristol's Metal heritage is an incredibly strong one and like with any other musical genre these days, the sprawling labyrinth of sub-genres that can hinder as much as help a style of music are mind-numbing. Sometimes though, a band comes along that just cuts through all that bullshit for one simple reason - they're very, very, very good. They unify all manner of tastes and desires, smashing their way into your hearts and minds and refusing to let go. One such band is Shadow Law. They've been impressing BUG for a while now with an incredible technical metal that is all their own - and all the better for it. 2008 is going to be a very big year for them and you can prepare for the ensuing onslaught by memorising the following dispatch from the frontline...

Who, what and where is SHADOW LAW?

Shadow Law is five of Bristol's most accomplished musicans playing all-out techinical metal. We formed about 3 years ago, since then we've signed to an awesome UK label and an awesome US label and layed numerous venues to waste across the UK and Europe.

Where do you pitch yourself stylistically in the vast array of metal sub-genres?

We draw influence from a range of different styles of metal, the most apparent would be power metal (minus the cheese) and metalcore, bands like Children of Bodom, Rhapsody, At-the Gates and The Haunted are our biggest influences, though there is definatley a hardcore influence in our sound. All of us grew up listening to bands like Sick of it all, Knuckledust, Stampin' Ground and so on, I think you can definatley hear the hardcore influence in our older tracks.

What does SHADOW LAW bring to the party that no other band can?

Arrogance, haha! Nah serious though, i'd say pure talent. There are so many bands right now that rely on ProTools to accompish their sound and can't pull it off live. Everything you hear on a Shadow Law CD you'll hear live, straight. We've each been playing our instruments for at least 10 years and have all spent serious time practicing to be as dope as we are now! We pride ourselves on being some of Bristol's best musicans and our live show is definatly a good reflection of that attitude.

How do you assess the metal scene in Bristol right now? Who else do you consider to be breaking through locally?

Right now Bristol's metal scene is going from strength to strength. There are loads of decent shows that are bringing good sized crowds and giving Bristol's heavier side the attention it deserves. As far as local bands go i'd say there are four bands really breaking through.....Burning Skies (signed to Lifeforce Records), Mea Culpa (signed to Sugarshack Records), Evita (signed to Glasstone Records) and Shadow Law (signed to Siege of Amida / Candlelight Records), each of those bands have a really good following across the UK and Europe and look set to expand in 2008.

What's in store for 2008?

Big tings! We're dropping our first full length album in July which should be sick. We've already had a decent amount of attention from the UK rock press but in 2008 we've got features in Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Big Cheese and Total Guitar. Hopefully we're gonna be doing some photo shots for our sponsors Osiris aswell which will be sick! We've got two European tours and two UK tours lined up. I'd say 2008 is probaly gonna be our biggest year to date, we're all bare excited!

Give us a top five...of anything.

Shadow Law's Top 5 Gangster films;
1. The Godfather Part II
2. Angels with Dirty Faces
3. The Godfather
4. Goodfellas
5. Little Caesar