Sunday 6 January 2008

Then & Now

A happy new year to you all (if a little late!), BUG has got some great stuff lined up this year to keep you entertained, so watch this space! In the meantime, some fascinating photography from a gentleman called Fray Bentos ( big thanks to Jen who passed the link to us ), who specialises in documenting the past and present of Bristol's changing landscape. Some of the comparitive shots are startling in how much the city has changed over the years, and continues to do so ( for better or worse, most times worse ) - and some are just simply evocative of a time long since gone by. The above shot was taken in Easton, 1970.

Ashley Road, St.Paul's 1974

Buchanan's Wharf, 1975

Barton Hill Road, 1974

Barrow Road, 1970

Totterdown, 1974

The Metropole Cinema, 1974

All Rights Reserved to Fray Bentos

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