Thursday 17 January 2008

Many Bristolians will remember the tragic story from last year of Nick Wright, who sadly died after spending an evening out with friends in the city centre. He was 22. Nick was a big local music fan and in honour of his memory and his passion for music, his father Alan Wright has established the Nick Wright Memorial Fund to help unknown musicians get wider recognition. Joel Ross from The Dug Out asked Alan to write an article on the fund.

"Nick Wright, a pupil at Colston's Collegiate from 1996 to 2001, disappeared after spending the evening at the Thekla nightclub on the 10th August 2007. His body was found in the water at the harbour side a few days later but it is still not clear what happened."

"Nick enjoyed music and supported local groups (e.g. The Angry Panda) as well as attending live gigs whenever he had the opportunity to do so. He attended the University of Liverpool - where he obtained a first class honours degree - and went to gigs there and in Manchester when he could. He had a wide interest in music, everything from Mars Volta to Simon and Garfunkel and was very open-minded. He would support bands that had talent, whether those bands were well known or more obscure."

"It seemed appropriate therefore to raise money in his name for something he loved so much and so a Memorial Fund has been set up. This fund will help aspiring bands with talent to get recognition and promotion. This could be by paying for them to make a CD, or it could be to get them gigs, or to introduce them to a promoter, or any other way that might seem appropriate. The more money there is in the fund, the more we will be able to help, and this will act as a lasting legacy to such a lovely person as well as being of benefit to others."

"Cheques made out to 'Nick's Memorial Fund' can be sent to Suite 544,179 Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2AG or money can be donated online by logging on to This website will be updated with information on how the fund is going and what events are planned in this coming year."

BUG would urge everybody to contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

The Nick Wright Memorial Fund