Tuesday 18 March 2008

Something we're very happy to see here at BUG is the rise of the independent Bristol Festival. After the perhaps unexpected demise of the Ashton Court Festival, Bristol was left without many alternatives. And so it was down to a group of focused volunteers that the idea of this new community festival took shape, and we're really excited to see how far it's come in such a short space of time. Perhaps mindful of the mistakes Ashton Court Festival made in it's last few years, the people behind the Bristol Festival want to make it a real showcase for south-west talent. Here's a little mission statement from the team:

"A brand new festival being organised for 2008 by volunteers who feel it's what the community needs; an exciting and interactive community festival showcasing Southwest talent!'

There will be a range of year round activities, fundraising events, workshops and art drop in sessions as well as a city wide festival on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2008. The main outdoor hub featuring stages, entertainment, food and family fun will be based around Bristol's renowned Amphitheatre and Waterfront Square, with a variety of indoor venues also hosting festival events including an exciting evening programme of club nights and gigs.

Built from the ground up, the Bristol Festival aims to involve YOU, the people of Bristol and the South-West, at every opportunity to ensure we get the community festival celebrating the region's music, theatre, arts and local culture that people want.

There are many opportunities to get involved, from attending the Public Consultations, or volunteering at fundraising events, to helping out in the office or even managing a Bristol Festival project."

You can find out more info at the official website or their myspace.

Definitely keep an eye on the sites, as there are plenty of great fundraisers happening across the city in aid of this project, and next up on Saturday 29th March they're hosting an event at Mr.Wolfs featuring live music from The Duckworths and Them Brokes, plus DJ sets from the legendary Jon Kennedy and BUG favourites Mr Lingo and Powercut.

Make sure you support this project, as they are working incredibly hard to create a true community festival that will have something for everybody!