Tuesday 27 January 2009

Lots of intriguing stuff coming up over the next few days, so stay tuned - but first let's see what's happening this week.

First up over at Bristol Pirate Radio Recordings they've dropped this blast from the past with a Power FM set by JNR and UNO in 1994 - straight up hip hop vibes with some outstanding tracks in the mix.

DOWNLOAD - JNR & UNO Power FM 1994 Set

Fast forward to Tuesday night and Gemmy & Wedge are dropping science on Sub FM alongside MC Scarz, if you can't tune in rest assured BUG will be catching the re-up for you later this week, so keep 'em peeled.

If you can't wait that long for some bassweight action then have a look at this outstanding mix Wascal composed recently for Trillbass Radio :

1. Headhunter - Prototype
2. WAR008 - WAR008A
3. DZ & Rob Cannon - Back To The Dub
4. Sukh Knight - Shooting Stars
5. Norrisman - Big Long Gun (MRK1 mix)
6. JKS - Elevation
7. Zen Militia - Smash The Empire
8. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
9. Benga - B4 The Dual
10. Sharmaji ft Guilliermo E Brown - Hold You Now
11. Syntonics - Rock Tonight (Bombaman mix)
12. Downlink - 6 Million Wayz
13. Wiley - Wot Do U Call It (Igloo Instrumental)
14. Subeena - Justice
15. Plastician ft Shizzle, Fresh & Napper - Cha
16. Twisted - Dirt Cluster
17. Si Begg - Are You A Big Boy DJ
18. Benga - E Trips
19. Curtamos - Jungle Biz
20. Syntonics - Material
21. Landslide - Dreams & Visions (Compound One mix)
22. Wascal - Decide
23. Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd mix)
24. JKS - Obliteration
25. Bassist & Triage - Smoke One
26. Benga & Coki - Night (tease)
26. Pinch - Joyride
27. Misk - Tentacle
28. Kromestar - Badman
29. Blackmass Plastics - Suck Your Mum
30. TC - Wheres My Money (Caspa mix)
31. Zomby - Aquafresh
32. Von D - So Many Faces VIP
33. EMU & Pawn ft Werd2Jah - Headshot
34. Elemental & Lohan - Strange Brew
35. Dub & Run - Ghetto 119
36. J Suave - Fog Juice
37. Suspect - Modulation
38. Wascal - Submission
39. Tes La Rok - Do You Know The Future
40. Luthor - Music Gets Me High
41. Rakoon - Incoming
42. Gemmy - BK 2 The Future
43. Vista - Tek 9
44. EMU & Pawn ft Sonic D - Bumbaclot Star
45. Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn mix)
46. Suspect - Rotary
47. Luthor - Sins Of Marvin Redon
48. 12th Planet ft EMU - Control (Skream mix)
49. Wascal - All I Need

Large indeed, and another example of why Wascal is rapidly becoming an essential connection in the rise of the new breed of producers taking Dubstep and bass-heavy sounds in exciting new directions.

DOWNLOAD - Wascal : Trillbass Radio Set

Something that's definitely exciting BUG this week is the long-awaited re-opening of Arc Bar, now to be called LAB (Live At Bristol). Arc was a pivotal venue in the initial success of many club nights and its eventual demise after a long decay was a sad sight to witness. Back in its glory days it held many great memories for BUG; the bizarre decor and mish-mash of personalities that the place attracted made it the location of many a truly odd (but fun) night's adventure. Despite many shortcomings including dodgy electrics and even dodgier pints, the knockabout charm of the venue helped carry its success for many years until the rot set in and mis-management and events leaving in their droves saw to it's closure.

The rumours of it's re-emergence have been touted for the best part of 2 years, and it's encouraging to know that the team who've finally succeeded in getting back on it's feet are some of the crew behind the original Clockwork. Word reaches us they've done a fair bit of work on the place, but haven't altered too much of the decor which made it such an unusual space. The opening party is this Friday and it's always a good day for BUG when another underground venue opens to showcase quality music in the city. More information on the nights due up there will be coming soon, so keep checking back this week.

Also on Friday the always excellent Teachings In Dub separates away from its highly successful partnership with Subloaded to take the foundation shaking bass to Trinity with the mighty Jah Shaka Sound System. Definitely going to be a sell-out so get there early!

The big event this weekend however has to be Dissident on Saturday, which is sure to be another ram-out session at The Black Swan. The line-up is massive, and the vibes in a Dissident rave are always outstanding.

Main Room - Drum & Bass

Doc Scott_31_Metalheadz
Cause 4 Concern_C4C_Hardware
Jubei_Coded Music_Shogun
Incite & Breach
Noisy Boy

MC's SP & Mantmast

Room 2 - Dub Step / Breaks

Black Mass Plastics_Combat_Rag n Bone
Search & Destroy_Destructive
Forsaken_Soul Motive
Smiffy & Golgot

The Black Swan, Saturday, 31/01/09
Tickets £7/£8 on the door.
Available from Rooted & Bristol Ticket Shop.