Tuesday 27 January 2009

This week BUG has been mainly loving the fine work of local renaissance man BosBos who's mixes are brimming full of creativity and sonic fireworks. Keep an eye on his excellent website for further updates in the future, as he's always dropping gems like the following trio:

BosBos - The Death Of A Republic

A mix of vintage Warp releases in honour of the demise of the Designers Republic? Yes please! As the man himself says:

"This mix is a tribute to an era when the names Warp and The Designers Republic were so intrinsically linked, they may as well have been the same company, and all this from Sheffield in the North of England (where it’s always sunny!). All tracks are taken from Warp releases (bar one) where the artwork was created by tDR. Also, all are in chronological order of release, starting way back in 1990 right up to 2008."


  1. LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) (WAP5) (26/07/1990)
  2. Tuff Little Unit - Join The Future (WAP12) (29/01/1991)
  3. B12 - Hall Of Mirrors (WARP9) (29/03/1993)
  4. Aphex Twin - On (WAP39) (15/11/1993)
  5. Elecktroids - Silicon Valley (WARP35) (29/08/1995)
  6. Autechre - C/Pach (WARP38) (06/11/1995)
  7. Björk - All Is Full Of Love (In Love With Funkstörung Remix) (12FAT022) (01/11/1998)
  8. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (WAP105) (22/03/1999)
  9. The Other People Place - You Said You Want Me (WARP90) (03/09/2001)
  10. LFO - Blown (WARP110) (22/09/2003)
  11. Autechre - Altibzz (WARP333) (03/03/2008)

DOWNLOAD - BosBos : The Death Of A Republic

BosBos - The Appearance Of A Thousand Ghosts On Christmas Eve

Some more esoteric soundscapes with a dark twist are the order of the night for this incredible mix, as BosBos says:

"Horror can take many forms, but music is far down most people’s list of things that scare them. A creepy insect roaming along the wall or a twisted horror movie perhaps, but few would say that music gives them the scares. Well to those we say… it’s time for music to scare you!"


  1. The Focus Group - Pan Calling
  2. Unknown - Self Esteem Fund
  3. Siren - New Translation
  4. Boards Of Canada - Powerline Misfortune
  5. Aphex Twin - Matchsticks
  6. Global Goon - Stan’s Slaves
  7. Haruomi Hosono - Samidare
  8. Vangelis - Deckard Dream
  9. Manual - Ica
  10. Kelly Bailey - Shadows Fore & Aft
  11. Pentagon - Shadow
  12. Siren - Mount Gojaku, Hanuda Mine
  13. P. Avary - Desert De Glace
  14. Jean-François Pauvros & Setsuko Chiba - Le Sang Tombe Du Ciel
  15. KTL - Snow 2
  16. Hell Interface - Soylent Night

DOWNLOAD - BosBos : The Appearance Of A Thousand Ghosts On Christmas Eve

BosBos - NiteDrive

Another fantastic mix, this time showcasing some of the most progressive artists working in Dubstep and Techno today, or as BosBos puts it:

"Nothing beats a late night drive. The rush hour has long since passed, people are off the streets, and most importantly, the road is yours for the taking. NiteDrive is here to hit your car stereo with some dub, bass and techno, ready to soundtrack a cruise under the cover of darkness."


  1. 2562 - Redux
  2. Distance - My Demons
  3. Peverelist - Die Brücke
  4. Ital Tek - Archaic
  5. Pinch - One Blood, One Source
  6. Burial - Etched Headplate
  7. Rod Modell - Body Sonic
  8. Model 500 - Starlight (Soultek Remix)
  9. Andy Stott - Long Drive
  10. Claro Intelecto - Operation
  11. Baiyon - 637 Volpe
  12. Echospace - Abraxas

DOWNLOAD - BosBos : NiteDrive